Demo 2018

by Savage

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released July 18, 2018


all rights reserved



Savage Leipzig, Germany

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Track Name: Spineless
Planning your future day after day
Depending on money is your only way
The goals you are setting will lead to thin air
You turn a blind eye and still act like you care

You get played like a fool
Bend your back, kiss ass like you are used to
Will it ever be enough
Turn your head whenever things get tough

Swallow your anger
Keep your mouth shut
You’re spineless and you don’t have no fucking guts
Track Name: Fool
It’s fucking payback time

Fool me once shame on you
I’m sick of the things you do
Play your games on everyone
Fool me twice this time you’re done

Fool me once shame on you
Now the fucking joke’s on you
You thought I’m the easy one
Payback time has fucking come

Now you’re done
Now you’re done
Joke’s on you
Now you’re done
Now you’re done
Fucking scum

Your shit won’t get to me
Paying back every lie you made me believe
Your shit won’t get to me
A two-faced bastard is all I see
Track Name: Dice
You are filled with so much regret
Choose your side, what's your next step
Are you afraid of what will come next
You brought this on yourself
Walking your own path

Choose a side
We will watch it through
Roll the dice
The odds are set for you

Reality will get you too

No second chance, your odds are set
Every action has its fucking consequence
Reality’s hard, it’ll get you in time
We’ll let you pay without batting an eye
Track Name: The code
No matter what I wear
No matter what I do
Never care what you say
Now we’re gonna follow through
No matter what I wear
No matter what I do
Fuck your approval
I don’t exist to impress you

Your time’s up
Watch your step
It’s the final straw
Of what we’re gonna take

You think you’re the center of my world
Don’t worry baby boy, I’m a fucking grown up girl
You play my feelings like a game
It’s not PMS, I just can’t fucking stand your face

You’re not welcome here
Not anymore
We’re not part of your code
We’re not your fucking bros
Track Name: Disease
I am my own disease and I suffer every day
No matter what I do, I can’t get it out of my head
Another year goes by and here I’m crawling on my knees
Now I know the answer why: I’m still my own disease

Don’t come close
Stay away
Stay away
Stay away

Deep inside I know
There’s not way out
I’m still my own disease
And there’s no cure for me

Don’t come close

Counting the seconds
My head `bout to explode
Drag your hands around my neck
End this sickness, make me choke

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